• Long Range Scopes

    Sniper scopes, or some people also know them as the tactical scopes are generally designed to improve the long distance shots. If you have the right5 kind of scope, then it will be a lot easier for you to target your target better and have better chances in having the perfect shoot. If you buy the right one, not only it will provide you better extra range, but also it will add extra clarity in your vision and will make the performance all over a better one.


    Now there are many scopes normally present on the market, but this is very important that you must get the right one, as it can help you. But if you have wasted your money on some scope that is not worthy of the features you were looking for, surely not only the money is wasted but also you will not get the performance that you were looking for.


    Vortex Viper


    If you are a little bit low on your budget, then you must consider getting this one, as not only it is low in the price, but also it is all over packed with different features that you will love about this one. This is actually half in price as compared to the high end scopes we see normally selling. If you buy it from any website, you will know its ratings are mind blowing, also if you are new to shooting, I suggest that you must get this one, as you will be able to get the best experience from it. The lenses it has are very expensive, and all over it has many great features.


    Burris XTR II


    If you are willing to buy a scope for mid range, then this is the one that you must consider about getting. This is priced fine as compared to the features that it has. It also has one of the most famous features of illumination that you can activate whenever you want. In this feature you get around 11 different settings, so you get enough options to adjust in any kind of situation. This scope also comes with different zoom settings that you can adjust according to your comfort. The power saver feature on this one is extremely helpful, as you can save hours of battery life with that.


    NightForce NXS


    If you are looking to buy a scope that has the military specs, then this is the best one, although it is a little bit higher on the price tags, but the features won’t disappoint you. It has high power range, plus with the battery saving feature you are able to save battery for hours. I am sure that once you buy this scope you will never switch to another scope, as it provides high class features with good level of comfort. You can cover big areas with this one, and it also works well in night time. There are several features on it that will amaze you making it the Best long range scope.